Floor System

For those 20-20 Clients who wish to consider a home built with little or no combustible products, the Hambro Floor System is ideal. This system, combined with ICF construction, results in complete flexibility in floorplan design due to the long spans that can easily be accomodated. This also allows for concrete flooring to be utilized throughout the home, if desired. It also creates a floor system using only concrete and steel. Please view the following video and visit the Hambro website for more information.

Hambro Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPY8OWHeXW0

At the right is a picture of the Hambro floor system, ready for the concrete floor to be poured on top. Note that the bracing bars (in red) and the OSB (plywood) will be removed after 24 hours and work can resume after 48 hours. With this system and the ICF wall system, virtually all wood can be eliminated from the construction of the home, resulting in lower insurance rates.