How Green?

​​​​We recognize that everyone wants their home to be Green. That is of course the big buzz in the home building business these days. What we want to do at 20-20 Homes is to give options to our clients so that they can determine how green they want their new home to be. Fortunately, our standard methods of design and construction result in a very energy efficient home, which is one of the main pillars of a green home. It is generally pretty easy to define a cost/benefit analysis for energy efficiency and the paybacks can be significant.

Other key areas of green building include indoor air quality, water quality and conservation, and the environmental impact of material sourcing, transportation, recycling, etc.

The State of Texas Energy Code must be met as a minimum for any new home. There may also be local municipal energy codes to be considered and these will generally exceed the state code, such that the more stringent requirements of each will have to be met.​​

We recommend the LEED for Homes program, sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council​​​​. An excellent starting point for evaluating the merits of LEED is the LEED for Homes Scoring Tool. This scoring tool can be accessed and used by any one considering a new home. One of our initial steps in every project is to complete this evaluation to gain a better understanding of LEED and to determine the cost and difficulty of obtaining a LEED certification.

20-20 Homes has also recognized that our clients may wish to incorporate many of the best ideas, products and systems into their home, yet do not wish to incur the added cost of LEED certification. ​​Our Pre-LEED program is designed to provide this optional approach.

Please see the other pages under How Green for additional information, useful links and documents.​​