Crown Ranch

Our current project in Crown Ranch shows firsthand the quality that 20-20 Homes offers in modern and contemporary custom homes throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Call us today: 713-626-9984

Modern Design

20-20 Homes designs and builds modern and contemporary custom homes throughout Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Call us today: 713-626-9984

Sleek Kitchens

Offering the latest in contemporary cabinetry, 20-20 Homes will create you a sleek kitchen design with all the latest in modern technology. Call us today: 713-626-9984

Modern Technology

20-20 Homes offers the latest in kitchen technology, such as: restaurant-style ranges, modular cook-tops and ovens, dedicated task station, high efficiency refrigeration, and functional ventilation. Call us: 713-626-9984

Unique Ideas

Coffee in the master suite? What about a refrigerator? Whatever your unique ideas, 20-20 Homes can help bring your dream to life. Call us today: 713-626-9984

Open Floor Plans

Contemporary homes feature flexible, open floor plans, an abundance of glass, and minimalist decorative elements. Whatever your preference in modern, 20-20 Homes is the builder to call: 713-626-9984

Welcome to 20-20 Homes. We are a Design-Build Firm specializing in modern and contemporary custom homes. We collaborate with our architects, interior designers, and the top innovative professionals in the Houston custom home market to bring our clients the best options in homebuilding. We have been building in communities throughout the Greater Houston area for many years.

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The demand for quality modern and contemporary custom homes in Houston has never been higher. There has been a growing interest in the past few years and the influx of Europeans and Spanish speaking cultures has helped to further fuel the demand.

Newer building technologies are ideally suited to this architecture, and fill the desire to create sustainable, energy efficient homes. They also enable new outdoor living spaces on smaller city lots as well as provide spectacular views of the outstanding Houston skyline with rooftop terraces.

There are many interpretations of modern architecture. We are collaborating with architects on such variations as Mountain Lodge Modern, Santa Fe Modern, Hill Country Modern, Florida and Miami Modern, as well as several specific to Houston. We welcome your ideas on one unique to your vision.

Give us a call. We would love to hear your ideas on your new home and to share the latest on 20-20 Homes.