Building Modern Homes in Houston

The demand for quality modern and contemporary custom homes in Houston has never been higher. There has been a growing interest in the past few years. The influx of Europeans and Spanish speaking cultures has helped to further fuel the demand.

Modern & Contemporary Custom Home Builder Houston

Newer building technologies are ideally suited to this architecture, and fill the desire to create sustainable, energy efficient homes. They also enable new outdoor living spaces on smaller city lots as well as provide spectacular views of the outstanding Houston skyline with rooftop terraces.


There are many considerations when designing and building contemporary custom homes and modern architecture, like build-ability, structural components, roof type, costs, and more. 20-20 Homes has the experience in every aspect of building your new modern home and has prepared a White Paper to walk you through the guidelines that will help you understand the many nuances involved in designing and building your modern or contemporary custom home.

Here's an excerpt from our White Paper...

Structural Components
Building Systems – There are many building systems available for custom home construction. We have experience with most, including a new concept that uses shipping containers. Building systems are all generally better than traditional “stick” construction, but with one major drawback. Price, of course! That is why most homes are still built the old fashion way. This is changing, but in Houston, where materials and labor are cheaper than most cities, it is tough to change.

contemporary custom homes

Modern construction is ideal for most of these newer building systems. We have knowledge and experience in ICF homes, SIP homes, cast stone block homes, and shipping container homes. We have also designed a SIP home with panels built from light gauge steel with high density foam, provided by a company in Austin.

To request a free copy of the complete 20-20 homes White Paper, click here.

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