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Getting Started: Money, Land, & Plans

So you want to build a modern & contemporary in the Greater Houston area? There are early decisions that are critical when you decide to build a new modern & contemporary home and 20-20 Homes is prepared for every step of the process. We have chosen our team carefully to have the right tools and…
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Building Modern Homes in Houston

The demand for quality modern and contemporary custom homes in Houston has never been higher. There has been a growing interest in the past few years. The influx of Europeans and Spanish speaking cultures has helped to further fuel the demand. Newer building technologies are ideally suited to this architecture, and fill the desire to…
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Why 20-20 Homes? The Difference

The industry term for how we work is called Design/Build. It sounds simple enough but it is not intuitive for many people. Many people think that they need plans before they go and find a builder. While this approach can work, it has a high degree of failures and horror stories associated with it. Imagine…
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