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Building Modern: Part 2

Previously, in the first of our 3 part Building Modern Series we discussed roofs, structural components, and elements for consideration in building a modern & contemporary custom home. If you missed it, click here to read Part 1 now. Building a modern & contemporary custom home can be interpreted in many ways.  In Part 2, we…
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Building Modern: Part 1

The demand for quality modern and contemporary custom homes in Greater Houston has never been higher. Newer building technologies are ideally suited to this architecture, and fill the desire to create sustainable, energy efficient homes. They also enable new outdoor living spaces that provide spectacular views with rooftop terraces. There are many interpretations of modern architecture. In…
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Modern? Contemporary? What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been around the design scene for any time at all, you’ve no doubt heard the words “contemporary” and “modern” used often enough to describe architecture, furniture, and overall home style and design. Is there a difference between the two? Absolutely. Although contemporary and modern terms have overlapping characteristics these days, the two style…
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