ICF Construction

We have completed quite a few ICF homes in the past few years, some of which are pictured below. The technology has many advantages, including strength, energy efficiency, sound proofing, termite resistant, fire resistant, speed of construction, etc. The main drawback is the additional cost. However, many people find the pros far outweigh the cons, and we definitely feel the same. Architecturally, it has several additional options that we utilize to the fullest in 20-20 Homes. These additional benefits are derived from the proper application of the technology.

The traditional benefits of ICF construction can be understood by visiting the following links. Note that Matt Zetlmeisl of ICF Constructors does our ICF structures. We have worked with Matt on numerous projects.

The additional benefits that are fully employed in our homes are the flat roof spaces for outdoor living, long unsupported spans for open spaces and flexible build-outs, and safety. These benefits are more fully explored in various areas of this website.