​​​​20-20 Homesand Snyder Energy Services have worked together to create the first Pre-LEED homesconcept in Houston.

Q. What is Pre-LEED?
A. Pre-LEED is a 20-20 concept that allows clients to evaluate and incorporate preferred aspects of the LEED for Homes program without significant upfront costs.Essentially, clients can choose "how green" to make their home and decide whether or not to obtain LEED certification.

Q. How does Pre-LEED work?
A. Our energy consultant works with our client to evaluate the different aspects of the LEED program. Where needed, other 20-20 partners may be engaged to assist in further evaluation of specific technologies. Once the desired components of the Green strategy have been evaluated, the costs and benefits of implementing each component are discussed. Lastly, the additional cost/benefit of full LEED certification are reviewed.

Q. What are the Pre-LEED Elements?
A. They can include permeable hard scape surfaces, high percentages of sustainable and locally resourced products and materials, high SEER and Humidity controlled HVAC systems, integrated home automation, rainwater capture systems, solar and wind energy, dual flush commodes, low flow plumbing fixtures and 100% non-incandescent light fixtures.

Q. What if a homebuyer wants a LEED certified home?
A. The idea behind Pre-LEED is to follow a strategy that allows for easy adoption of the LEED certification process without having to follow the process from the start. The 20-20 team, led by Snyder Energy Services will detail the LEED certification process at the start of the project and identify how the process can be adopted later in the design and construction process.

Q. What if I have more questions about this process?
A. Feel free to contact Mark Jeffrey at 713-515-4599 or Toner Kersting at 832-878-2914.