One of the Key goals of 20-20 Homes is to make the very best in technology available to our clients. Our clients can evaluate and choose which technologies are right for their home and family and we will incorporate these technologies into the design and construction of their home. Likewise, we will work with the suppliers to understand the maintenance and warranty issues associated with their products and services.

There are tremendous amounts of information available over the internet and we will not try to recreate the information here when we can instead provide a direct link to the manufacturers, suppliers and installers.

One major source of inspiration for 20-20 Homes has been the work done by GreenBuilder ​​​​Magazine and their Vision House series. To find out more, visit:

We are building on these ideas and others and adapting them for use in the Houston marketplace and environment. The stated purpose of this website is to educate our potential clients on how we can work together to create the right home for them. We will not disclose everything that we have up our sleeves. Instead, we hope to create enough interest to cause someone to pick up the phone or e-mail us to schedule an appointment to learn more.​​